Student Conduct & Disciplinary Hearings

Defending Your Rights

No one should have to defend their education rights alone.  Student conduct and disciplinary hearings can be easier to navigate with the right help.

Disciplinary Hearings

High school, college, and university disciplinary proceedings are notoriously unfair. In a warning to California legislators in 2017, Governor Jerry Brown declared that “[d]epriving any student of higher education opportunities should not be done lightly, or out of fear of losing state or federal funding.” Still, countless California schools systematically ignore the education rights of students accused of misconduct. They might tell you that you don’t need – or even that you’re not permitted to have – a trained legal advocate by your side. Don’t listen. When your permanent record, your housing and dining privileges, or even your status as a student are on the line, contact us. You’ll get a free initial consultation, a sympathetic ear on the phone, and an authoritative voice before the Board or Hearing Officer.

Board Complaints and Appearances

High school and college disciplinary issues such as suspensions and expulsions are often appealable directly to the local Board of Education. Harris is experienced working within local district regulations and aggressively pursuing all avenues of relief.